Academic Integrity Committee


As a self-selected committee of the Faculty Senate, the Committee is comprised of university faculty whose interest and expertise in matters under the purview of the committee interest them in the committee’s business.


As stated in the Academic Regulations of Norwich University (Appendix 1. 5, page 21), the Academic Integrity Committee “is responsible to the Senate for the implementation of university regulations involving violations of academic integrity.” Ordinarily, the committee hears cases brought before it involving such alleged instances of academic dishonesty as cheating and plagiarism. According to its findings, the committee may authorize appropriate penalties, within the limits of its jurisdiction.


As part of its regulatory charge, the committee “will forward a record of its findings to the appropriate student honor committee in all cases in which an academic penalty is imposed for an act of academic dishonesty.

As a Standing Committee of the Faculty Senate, the Academic Integrity Committee reports directly to that body through oral and written reports, including an annual year-end report summarizing the committee’s work.

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