Committee on Academic Technology (CAT)


  • Chair, elected from among the voting members of the committee;
  • Two faculty members from each academic college;
  • One representative from university libraries;
  • Chief Information Officer (ex-officio).


  1. The committee shall serve as the liaison between the Chief Information Officer and the heads of Schools or Departments represented by the committee;
  2. The committee shall advise the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the faculty Senate on policy issues related to academic computing and instructional technology;
  3. The committee shall review and advise on the Information Technology strategic plan;
  4. The Committee shall establish criteria and provisions to guide the distribution of equipment and technology;
  5. The committee shall provide feedback to the CIO on operational policies of Computer Services as they affect academic computing and instruction;
  6. The committee shall identify training needs and support the development of programs that adequately address those needs; and
  7. The committee shall make recommendations to Computer Services concerning the identification and implementation of new computing and instructional technologies.


As a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, the Committee on Academic Technology reports directly to that body through oral and written reports, including an annual year-end summary of the committee’s work.

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