Library Committee


  • One representative from each school. National Services may also have a representative on the committee.
  • The director of the Norwich University Library (ex officio).
  • Other members of the library staff as appropriate (ex officio).
  • There shall be one designated alternate for each faculty member on the committee.


  • The Chair is elected at the first meeting of the fall semester.
  • Minutes shall be taken at each meeting.
  • The committee will meet at least once a semester.


  • Recommend special acquisition needs of general interest to the library director.
  • Advise the library director on collection, services and facilities.
  • Recommend policies and procedures.
  • Review periodically the status of the library, the statistics on the number of volumes, circulation, expenditures, and effectiveness.
  • Consider and report to the faculty and administration on any matter concerning the Library which should receive their attention.
  • Receive from any member of the faculty, administration, or student body recommendations or suggestions which might aid in development of services or encourage more effective use of the library.
  • Advise the library director on the annual allocation of funds for acquisition of library materials for each school.
  • Coordinate special events such as the Library Paper Prizes, sponsored by the Friends of the Kreitzberg Library, and the Faculty Scholarship Celebration.


The committee will provide a written annual year-end summary to the Faculty Senate.

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