Activation of Guard and Reserve units

Many Norwich University students are members of Reserve and Guard units. In the event of activation, undergraduate and M.Arch. students are eligible for a “Military Leave” and should follow the procedure described in the Academic Regulations for receiving this status. The following policy will apply to these students called to military duty with their units.

Academic Issues

Each student activated into full time military status will have up to five options. Each course instructor determines which grade options are available to the student. The options are to be discussed with each course instructor. The selection of an option for each course is to be made prior to leaving Norwich and submitted on the approved form (obtainable from the Registrar). Certain of the options below may be more appropriate or not appropriate depending on the time in the semester that activation occurs and the military duty assignment of the student. All issues should be considered when a student and professor discuss the options and selections are made.

This policy is intended to be flexible and to help the student receive a grade for each course.

These options are:

  1. If 12 weeks or more of the semester are completed, an early final examination based on material covered to the point in time that activation occurs;
  2. If 12 weeks or more of the semester are completed, the course standing grade at the point in time of activation;
  3. If 12 weeks or more of the semester are completed, completion of a research paper in lieu of a final examination as assigned by the instructor and based on work completed at the time the paper is assigned;
  4. When possible, students may receive a grade of incomplete and complete the course within one year in a manner determined by the instructor and agreed to by the student;
  5. Assignment of a W grade (see item regarding tuition below).

In addition:

  1. Students activated would be granted “Military Leave” for the period away from the University regardless of academic standing at the time of departure;
  2. Each student activated would be granted automatic readmission to the University regardless of academic standing at the time of departure; and
  3. Waiver of the $250 readmission fee.

Provost, 4/24/2006

Financial Refund Policy for Activated Students

Scope of the Policy

This refund policy applies to full-time undergraduate and M.Arch. students who are activated for military service in the armed forces of the United States, if the date of activation occurs during a fall or spring academic semester, and the activated student will not receive any academic credit for the semester of activation. This refund policy will not apply to any activated student who receives full academic credit for all courses enrolled in for the semester. If an activated full-time undergraduate or M.Arch. student can arrange with his or her professor(s) to receive credit for one or more courses, but not for all enrolled courses, refunds will be handled on an individual basis. Refunds for part-time students will be handled on an individual basis, as appropriate.

Notification of activation and requests for refunds under this policy must be in writing, addressed to the Bursar, Norwich University, and include a copy of the student’s activation orders. Such activation orders must confirm that the date of activation occurs during the student’s currently enrolled academic semester. Any and all refunds granted under this policy will be returned to their original sources. The following schedule of refunds will apply to students who meet the conditions of this policy:

Tuition and Fees for the Semester of Activation Refund

  • Tuition: 100%
  • Room & Board: 100%
  • Student Activities Fee: 100%
  • Technology Fee: 100%
  • Health Services Fee: 100%
  • Clinical Nursing Fee: 100%
  • Biomedical Technology Fee: 100%
  • Course Overload Charge: 100%
  • Division Lab Fee: 100%
  • Music 200 Surcharge: 100%
  • Vehicle Registration Fee: 100%
  • Student Medical Insurance Policy: terminates on day of activation. Premium is refunded on a pro-rata basis.
  • Uniform: No refund; however, portion not billed will not need to be paid until student re-enrolls at Norwich, at which time the normal billing cycle will be reinstated. If after three years from date of activation, the activated student does not re-enroll at Norwich, unpaid portion becomes due in full.
  • Security deposit and all other charges and fees: No Refund.

CFO/Treasurer, 10/25/2004

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