Administrative manual/policies

Table of Contents


CAO – Chief Administrative Officer
CFO – Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
HR – Human Resources
ITS – Information Technology Services
SVPAA – Senior Vice President Academic Affairs
VP – Vice President
VPDAR – Vice President Development and Alumni Relations
VPEM/SA – Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
VPITS – Vice President Information Technology Services


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  1. Official Visits by Civil Authorities
  2. Personnel Hiring Policy for New Faculty and Staff
  3. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  4. Smoking Policy
  5. Work Schedules – Inclement Weather
  6. Children in the Workplace
  7. Uniforms
  8. Employee Recognition and Honoring of Retiring Personnel
  9. Political Campaigning
  10. University-wide Standing Committees
  11. Academic Visiting Committees
  12. University Policy Regarding the News Media
  13. Release of Information From Student Records
  14. Publications for Advertising or Promoting the University
  15. Printing and Publication Guidelines
  16. Notification of Accidents and Deaths
  17. Funerals and Memorial Services
  18. Athletics
  19. University Housing for Key Personnel
  20. Changing the Function of a Room, Area, or Building
  21. Facilities Access and Rental Policies/Rates
  22. Hosted Programs
  23. Facilities Operations Charge Back Policy
  24. Bonfires on Campus
  25. Helicopter Landings, Use of Drones/Remotely Piloted Vehicles at Norwich University
  26. Recycling
  27. Use of University Owned Equipment and Vehicles
  28. University Transportation
  29. Private Motor Vehicle Operation and Parking Policy
  30. Purchasing Guidelines
  31. Vendors on Campus
  32. Expenditures of Office Budget Money
  33. Official Receptions, Entertainment and Hosting Events with University Funds
  34. Credit Cards
  35. Travel Policies
  36. Sponsored Research Financial Conflict of Interest
  37. Academic Centers
  38. Gifts To Norwich University
  39. Named Endowed Scholarships and Funds
  40. Solicitation of Vendors
  41. Grant Procedures
  42. Computer Purchases
  43. Nepotism
  44. Large Volume Mailing Guideline
  45. Pets, Service Animals, and Assistance Animals
  46. International Inter-Institutional Agreements
  47. International Travel Policies
  48. Email Requirements
  49. Use of Hidden Video Surveillance Equipment
  50. Cellular Phone Policy
  51. Administrative Customer Service Guidelines
  52. Meritorious Award
  53. Suicide Prevention and Treatment

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