Intellectual Property / Copyright Policy

  1. Preamble
  2. Purpose & Scope
  3. Copyright
    1. Copyright Ownership
      1. Ownership by Use of Resources
        1. Substantial Use of University Resources
          1. Sole University Ownership
          2. Joint Faculty/University Ownership
        2. Nominal Use of University Resources
        3. No use of university resources
      2. Ownership by Other Categories of Work
        1. Consulting Activities
        2. Student Work
          1. Online Programs
          2. Assignation of Ownership Rights
          3. Tests and Examinations
          4. Funding by Sponsor
        3. Works Created for the University by Agreement with an Independent Contractor
    2. Copyright Agreement and Notification
      1. Disposition of Intellectual Property
      2. Production, Delivery and Ownership of Sponsored Works
      3. Agreements
    3. Release of University Rights
    4. Licensing and Royalties (Revenue Sharing)
    5. Use of Copyrighted Materials
  4. Patent
    1. Patent Ownership
      1. Faculty/Staff Ownership
      2. Student Ownership
    2. Patent Responsibilities of Personnel and Students
      1. Disclosure
      2. Sharing of Revenue
      3. External Collaborations
      4. Obtaining and Maintaining Patent Protection
    3. Responsibilities of University
      1. Sharing of Revenue
  5. Trademark
  6. Definitions


  • Appendix A: Norwich University Copyright Assignment and Agreement Form (PDF)
  • Appendix B: A Template to Execute a Joint Copyright Ownership Agreement between Two or More Authors (PDF)
  • Appendix C: Student Intellectual Property/Creative Works Assignment of Ownership Forms (PDF)
  • Appendix D: Student Intellectual Property/Creative Works Release to Display/Share Form (PDF)
  • Appendices E,F,G:
    Online Graduate Program Course Developer Schedule of Work and Conditions of Payment: Addendum
    Distribution of Revenue for Jointly Owned University Intellectual Property
    Distribution of Revenue from a Patent or Licensing Activity (PDF)

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