Memorandum 1 – Official Visits by Civil Authorities

Revised September 2012


This policy establishes procedures to be followed by Norwich personnel when civil authorities come onto campus to exercise their legal prerogatives toward the University, its employees, and its student population.


Norwich University will assist civil authority during on-campus visits in a professional and courteous manner.


The Chief of Security will be the initial point of contact for the civil authority.


  1. Should civil authority desire to question an on-duty employee or student regarding any incident, this authority will approach directly the Chief of Security who will in turn contact the Director of Human Resources regarding employees, or the VP EM/SA regarding students. If the incident under investigation involves the use of a computer, the Chief of Security will also notify the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and the Network Manager. Civil authority must then file their request with the appropriate office.
  2. The appropriate University authority will contact the requested person, and in coordination with civil authority, establish a time and place to meet with the civil authority. Should requests be received after normal business hours, the Norwich employee initially contacted by civil authority will inform the Security Officer on duty who will inform the proper office as outlined in paragraph D.1, and then provide assistance to civil authority in consonance with guidance received.
  3. Under normal circumstances, civil authority will not enter the campus to meet with a person without following directed procedure. Should civil authority possess a warrant for apprehension, the authority will be accompanied by a University official from the proper authoritative body in the execution of the warrant.
  4. Individuals are encouraged to cooperate with civil authority, but should be informed of protective measures in due process procedures.
  5. Employees or students who are contacted or apprehended off campus are not protected by the rules in Paragraph 2. The University therefore accepts no obligation or legal responsibility for such contact.

Contact Offices

  • Chief of Security: Ext. 2499
  • VP EM/SA: Ext. 2135
  • Director of Human Resources: Ext. 2075

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