Memorandum 12

University Policy Regarding the News Media

Reviewed and Approved February 2011


This policy attempts to ensure, insofar as possible, an accurate, consistent, and complete release of information to the media on matters relating to Norwich University, not individual situations.


  1. University employees who are contacted by the media for response to questions should refer the media representative to the Media Relations Manager.
  2. University employees who are contacted by the media should report the nature of the contact to the Media Relations Manager as soon as possible to prepare the University media representative for eventual contact with the press.
  3. To serve as University representative to the media, the Media Relations Manager should be kept fully informed of situations that may lead to breaking news stories.
  4. When the Media Relations Manager requires additional information to perform job-related functions, he/she may request that information from appropriate University employees.
  5. When advance publicity for University events planned by faculty and/or staff is needed, the individuals responsible for those events will provide the Media Relations Manager as much advance notice as possible to ensure the required advance publicity in the media. Detailed information on deadlines for publications is available from the Office of Communications.


The Media Relations Manager is responsible for approving information supplied to the media. The Office of Communications is responsible for publishing information in the Master Calendar.


There is no specific rule for adequate notice in order to ensure publicity that is appropriate for an event. For example, calendars and magazines may require a year or more of advance notice. Newspapers may be able to use copy of pictures with notice of no more than a week. In general, at least three weeks advance notice is required if the Office of Communications is to provide adequate distribution of news releases and photographs publicizing an event.

Contact Offices

  • Office of Communications: Ext. 2080
  • Media Relations Manager: Ext. 2886

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