Memorandum 17 – Funerals and Memorial Services

Reviewed and Approved February 2011


This policy governs the use of University facilities for funerals and memorial services


Funerals and memorial services for University students, faculty, staff, alumni, Trustees, Board of Fellows, and families may be held in White Chapel on the Northfield campus.


The University Chaplain is responsible for reserving space for funerals and memorial services. The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for making decisions regarding exceptions to the policy.


  1. To make arrangements to use White Chapel, the University Chaplain must be contacted.
  2. If permitted and appropriate, the United States flag will be flown at half staff the day of an on-campus funeral or memorial service for students, staff or faculty. Dependents are not included.
  3. Requests from external sources who do not qualify under Article B will be referred to the Chief Administrative Officer who will approve or deny the request.
  4. The President’s Office and Facilities Operations are to be notified immediately when White Chapel is to be used for a funeral or memorial service.

Contact Offices

  • University Chaplain: Ext. 2128
  • Chief Administrative Officer: Ext. 2148
  • Facilities Operations: Ext. 2149

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