Memorandum 18 – Athletics

Revised September 2012


This policy helps the Norwich University Athletic Department to fulfill mission is to promote well-rounded athletic programs as integral parts of the University’s total educational process.


The athletic programs at Norwich are designed to contribute to the total development of students—socially, mentally and physically. Intercollegiate athletics, allow male and female students an equal opportunity to participate in a variety of team and individual sports and adhere to the NCAA Division III rules and philosophy. Students who do not participate in intercollegiate athletics have the opportunity to compete in intramural and recreational/club sports at the University. Student participation in any athletic program is voluntary and is limited by both academic- and conduct- performance standards. These limitations are specified in the Academic and Student Regulations Handbooks.


  1. The Director of Athletics will establish and publish participation requirements for varsity letters, freshmen numerals and other sports awards.
  2. Equipment issued to an individual is the responsibility of that individual. It will be used only for practice or competition in the sport for which it is provided. Coaches and athletes must exercise proper precautions for the safekeeping and maintenance of all athletic equipment.
  3. All athletes must have Norwich insurance or be covered by their parents/guardians insurance for all accidents or injuries that might occur.
  4. The Director of Athletics is responsible for the integration and assimilation of new athletic teams. The President must approve all new programs. Normally, a new team must be active as a club for at least three years and appropriate funding must be available prior to being awarded varsity status.
  5. The Director of Student Activities is responsible for the administration of club and recreational teams.
  6. Faculty and staff are encouraged to volunteer as a head or an assistant coach of a sport or club team.


Intercollegiate Sports Programs

  1. The intercollegiate athletic program is guided by the rules of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In addition, the following authorizations and limitations are specified by the President of the University.
  2. Varsity teams are authorized in the following sports.
    • Baseball
    • Basketball (men’s)
    • Basketball (women’s)
    • Cross Country (men’s)
    • Cross Country (women’s)
    • Football
    • Ice Hockey (men’s)
    • Ice Hockey (women’s)
    • Lacrosse (men’s)
    • Lacrosse (women’s)
    • Rugby (men’s)
    • Rugby (women’s)
    • Soccer (men’s)
    • Soccer (women’s)
    • Softball
    • Swimming & Diving (men’s)
    • Swimming & Diving (women’s)
    • Tennis (men’s)
    • Volleyball (women’s)
    • Wrestling (men’s)
  3. The Director of Athletics may establish new athletic programs or junior varsity teams in those sports in which there are a sufficient number of athletes and budgetary restrictions permit. See responsibilities above.
  4. Norwich University students who meet University, ECAC and NCAA eligibility requirements may participate in any athletic program, varsity or junior varsity, for a maximum of 4 seasons of competition in any one sport. A student-athlete shall complete his or her seasons of participation during the first 10 semesters or 15 quarters in which the student is enrolled in a minimum full-time program of studies.
  5. The Director of Athletics will assign a coach to each sports team. A squad list will be compiled by the assigned coach and submitted to the Director of Athletics for approval. The Director of Athletics will remove all ineligible students as prescribed in the Regulations of Norwich University and submit the lists to the VP EM/SA and Dean of Students. Based on their approval they will publish and distribute a Detached Service Authorization Order. The number of team members for each sport will be determined by the Director of Athletics and is limited by budgetary and travel limitations and eligibility restrictions.
  6. Practice for all athletic teams is normally scheduled for 1600 hours Monday through Friday, or as announced by the coach with approval by the Director of Athletics. Students who have been selected as members of an athletic team will attend all scheduled practices unless excused by the coach, athletic trainer or University physician. Students are required to attend all classes scheduled during practice times and will report to practice on dismissal from class.
  7. The Director of Athletics will provide required athletic equipment subject to budgetary limitations.
  8. The Director of Athletics will authorize the number of intercollegiate contests in which each sport may participate, within the guidelines set by the NCAA in Division III and by the recommendation of the Athletic Committee.
  9. The Director of Athletics may, with Presidential approval, accept invitations to tournaments and post season playoff contests scheduled during vacation periods. Budgetary limitations must be considered.
  10. All sports seasons will begin and end in conformity with NCAA regulations.

Intramural Sports Programs

The Norwich University intramural sports programs are three-season programs of organized sports. They are open to all students who meet the University eligibility requirements specified in the Academic and Student Regulations. The Director of Intramural Sports is responsible for the direction and organization of the intramural sports program.

Club Sports

A Club Sport can be established based upon the approval of a petition to the Student Activities Director. As an approved Norwich University student activity, the club sport is governed by the rules and the budget established by the Student Activities Director. Each team must have a faculty or staff advisor who will assist in maintaining all rules and regulations pertaining to Club Sports. Membership on club teams is open to all Norwich students, faculty and staff and is limited only by restrictions from the SVPAA, VP EM/SA and Dean of Students and by any league membership rules that pertain. Each team must submit a squad list to the Student Activities Director for approval. Club teams will be guided by the University eligibility, travel and practice policies established for intercollegiate athletic teams.

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