Memorandum 20

Changing the Function of a Room, Area, or Building

Revised September 2012


This policy helps to ensure the effective use of Norwich University facilities and space.


Any and all structural and operational changes to a room, area or building must be fully coordinated with the University’s entire operations with special consideration to how such changes support the University’s NU 2019 strategic plan and the Facilities Master Plan.


  1. Academic Area

    The function of any room in the academic area shall not be changed without permission from the SVPAA, who shall consult with the Chief Administrative Officer prior to authorizing any changes. This would include converting a classroom to office space, office space to a classroom, changing a classroom to a lab, changing a lab back to a classroom, changing a storage area to office space or vice versa. Any combinations of this type may not be done without permission from the SVPAA and Chief Administrative Officer.

  2. Non-academic Area

    In areas other than academic, i.e., Athletic Areas, office buildings, dormitories, storage areas, parking spaces, etc., to change the function of any room, building, or space requires the permission of the Chief Administrative Officer.


The Chief Administrative Officer (and the SVPAA for academic spaces) shall review all proposals and will make appropriate recommendations, approvals, or disapprovals.

Contact Offices

  • Chief Administrative Officer: Ext. 2148
  • Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs: Ext. 2025

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