Memorandum 21 – Facilities Access and Rental Policies/Rates

Revised September 2012


This policy governs policies and fees (if any) for access to and use of Norwich University facilities.


Norwich University (NU) facilities are intended primarily to support official University business (i.e. classes, Commencement, balls, sporting events), as well as other educational and recreational needs of students and employees. It is also realized that other individuals and groups have interests in obtaining access to University facilities.


Athletic Facilities

  1. General Use
    1. Open, free access: to athletic facilities will be provided to the following (listed in priority order):
      1. official NU business (i.e. intercollegiate games)
      2. students with current ID’s
      3. employees with current ID’s
      4. retirees with current ID’s
      5. employee families with current Activity Passes.

      All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by either the employee or employee’s spouse. Game passes are available for dependent children who are 13 or older so they may attend games without parents.

    2. Limited, free access: will be granted to the following:
      1. visiting alums who use facilities only periodically (no more than twice per month)
      2. visitors/guests on campus for official NU business

      These individuals must obtain one-day passes from the Athletic Director or the President’s Office.

    3. All others: an annual fee of $500, payable to Norwich Athletic Club, will be charged to all others who desire general access to NU athletic facilities. No more than 30 access permits will be issued per year. Each individual will receive a photo ID clearly marked with the period covered by the applicable fee. This fee will apply specifically, but is not limited to, the following.
      1. general population
      2. alums who use facilities on a regular basis
      3. all others not listed above

      General, open access for permit holders shall be available during normal, posted operating hours (subject to change) unless facilities are reserved by the Athletic Director for official NU business or other assigned purposes.

  2. Rental Rates: All rentals to all non- Norwich University organizations and individuals will require the renter to provide proof of liability insurance. For current rental rates, please contact Kreitzberg Arena at ext. 2880. For all other rentals, please contact Conference Services at ext. 2145.

    Athletic facilities include:

    1. Kreitzberg Arena

      1. regular ice rental
      2. broom ball
      3. High School games
      4. Northfield High School Practice
      5. Northfield Amateur Hockey Association
    2. Goodyear Pool

      1. service organizations
      2. long-term rentals (20 hours +)
      3. Valley Swim Team (summer)
      4. Central VT Wave makers (winter)
    3. Andrews

      1. athletic rates
      2. conference/hosted events
    4. Plumley

      1. athletic rates
      2. conference/hosted events
    5. Shapiro Field House

      1. athletic rates
      2. conference/hosted events
      3. State Police – determined by Conference Services
      4. National Guard – determined by Conference Services
    6. Hurley Climbing Wall

      1. Determined by VP EM/SA.

Assembly, Conference, Classroom Spaces

  1. Open, Free Use: will be provided to the following (listed in priority order):
    1. regularly scheduled and specially scheduled classes, laboratories, conferences and all other official academic matters.
    2. other official NU business (i.e. guest lectures)
    3. student activities
    4. faculty and staff meetings

      Set-up fees may be charged for events not directly in support of the Registrar’s course listings.

      To reserve and schedule any of the facilities listed here, please use the following contact numbers:

      Facility reservation contacts
      Facility Contact
      Classrooms Registrar x2035
      Lecture Hall Registrar x2035
      Dole Auditorium Registrar x2035
      White Chapel Chaplain x2128
      Plumley Armory Athletic Director x2230
      Shapiro Field House Athletic Director x2230
      Kreitzberg Multi-Purpose Room Tech. Services Librarian x2171
      Milano Ballroom Conference Services x2145
      Trustees Room President’s Office x2065
      Jackman 4th floor Conf. Room President’s Office x2065
      VIP Dining Room (Harmon) Food Service x2297
      All other areas Conference Services x2145

      When scheduling a facility, it is important to notify various University offices so that your event will be properly serviced (e.g., Facilities Operations for set-ups, sound systems and custodial services; Dining Services for food requirements; Public Relations for calendar or news events, etc.).

  2. Limited Access; Rental Rates

    Any group, organization or individual not listed above may request the use of a University facility. A fee will be charged for rental and other associated costs. The requests will not be granted if any group listed above in section IIA has requested use of the facility. Any group, organization or individual (Hosted Program) using NU facilities must abide by the codes of conduct followed by the students and employees of the University. The University neither sponsors nor endorses any such group, organization or individual. A Hosted Program may not unduly interfere with on-going University programs or student activities. In addition, any Hosted Program must be in accordance with one or more of the following guidelines:

    1. the activity is consistent with the University’s mission
    2. the activity is clearly in support of the Central Vermont Community or State government
    3. the activity will enhance the University’s student recruitment effort
    4. the activity will enhance the University’s stature
    5. the activity is financially viable

    All rental requests should be made to Conference Services at 485-2145. Call for current rental rates.

    Facility capacities
    Facility Capacity
    Andrews Gym 700
    Cabot 008 164
    Cabot 045 190
    Classrooms Varies
    Dole Auditorium 416
    Dorm Rooms (Crawford) 120
    Dorm Rooms (other) 1230
    Milano Ballroom 180–200
    Plumley Armory 1000
    Shapiro Field House 2500
    White Chapel 300

    Note: all rentals to all non- Norwich University organizations and individuals will require the renter to provide proof of liability insurance.

Housing of Students

The University shall publish a variety of documents that shall clearly state when students may occupy their dormitory rooms. Students arriving earlier, or wanting to stay later, than stated dates must arrange their own housing at their own expense. Should space be available in University housing, students shall pay the current rental rate. The University, however, assumes no responsibility to house students at times other than published and approved.

Employee Rental of University Facility or Grounds

Effective Dec. 1, 2008 the following polices related to seminars, camps, conferences, fund raisers and other functions (herein after referred to as “event”) under the responsibility of Conference Services and/or the Athletic Director shall take effect:

  • Supplier/Client Relationship: The only permitted use of any Norwich University facility or grounds at no charge to the user shall be in association with official University functions or for fundraising for student organizations and athletic teams. In order to qualify as a fund raising event, 100% of net income must go to the Norwich University team or group for which funds are being raised. No employee may receive any compensation of any kind as a result of fund raising events held under the auspices of Conference Services, Student Activities and/or the Athletic Director. ALL other events are to be treated as a typical supplier/client relationship in which the client is paying rent for the use of any Norwich facility and/or grounds plus the cost of any additional services.
  • Facilities Rental: any event (other than fundraising for student organizations, athletic teams or officially recognized University organizations as described above) whose purpose includes supplementing the compensation of any University employee is required to pay rent for the use of any University facility or grounds. Rental rates are set annually by Conference Services.
  • Contract: any individual renting any University facility or grounds for any event is required to enter into a contractual agreement with Norwich. This contract document clearly and explicitly covers topics including required insurances, supervision, liabilities etc. The contract will explicitly state that the event is not associated with nor sponsored by Norwich and that Norwich assumes no risk associated with the event. Please contact Conference Services for more information.
  • University Cost Sharing or Sponsoring: Norwich shall not share costs associated with, nor sponsor, any event in which an employee is supplementing his/her regular compensation from the University.
  • University Support Services: Conference Services is ready to assist with any event including planning and logistics. The level of services requested from Conference Services shall be reflected in the price of any rentals. Many services operated in support of general Norwich operations are not available to camps or events at any price. Among the services not available are payroll, Human Resources, accounting and purchasing.
  • Use of Norwich University name, logo, seal: The use of the Norwich seal is prohibited. The only permitted use of the Norwich University name and logo shall be in association with official University functions or for fundraising for student organizations or athletic teams as defined above and, in those cases, the use of the name and logo must follow approved graphics standards. All other use of the Norwich University name, logo and/or letterhead is prohibited.

Contact Offices

  • Conference Services: ext. 2145
  • Kreitzberg Arena: ext. 2880

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