Memorandum 22 – Hosted Programs

Reviewed and Approved February 2011


This policy governs hosted programs, which are defined as “those activities that take place on the University’s campus and for which the University provides specific, contracted services and facilities but which the University neither sponsors nor conducts.”


Conference Services is the only University agency authorized to contract for or arrange the provision of services and facilities to individuals and groups under the definition of hosted programs.


The Chief Administrative Officer will manage this policy. Hosted programs are the year-round responsibility of Conference Services in accordance with one or more of the following guidelines:

  1. The activity must be consistent with the University’s mission.
  2. The activity will not unduly interfere with on-going Norwich programs or student activities.
  3. The activity is clearly in support of the central Vermont community or state government.
  4. The activity will enhance the University’s student recruitment effort.
  5. The activity will enhance the University’s stature.
  6. The activity will not place the University in direct competition with local commercial facilities.
  7. The activity should be financially viable.


The Chief Administrative Officer will coordinate summer programs (including housing, dates, activities, etc.) and will schedule planning meetings that will include, as a minimum, Summer School, Registration, Student Activities, Dean of Students.

Contact Offices

  • Chief Administrative Officer: Ext. 2148

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