Memorandum 23 – Facilities Operations Charge Back Policy

Reviewed and Approved February 2011


This policy covers the cost of services provided to various departments for services that are not considered routine Facilities Operations responsibilities.


  1. Nonchargeable Items: setups for opening convocations, Awards Ceremony, Honors Convocation, Baccalaureate and Commissioning Ceremonies, Commencement and routine Corp of Cadets parades.
  2. Chargeable Items:
    1. Program-related changes that are not due to routine, general maintenance, e.g., office/classroom modifications.
    2. Work performed strictly for cosmetic reasons, e.g., painting for color change versus routine cycle painting.
    3. Moving of personal items.
    4. All projects funded through the capital budget.
    5. All transportation. Rates are available from the Transportation Office Ext. 2149.
    6. Purchase of and/or building of furniture. The purchase of furniture other than for classrooms and student rooms is charged to a department’s budget.
    7. All setups other than those noted in paragraph A.


Facilities Operations is responsible for processing departmental charges.


  1. Setups: a minimum of 72 hours notice for each setup is required.
  2. This includes setups for food/beverage requirements. Failure to provide 72 hours notice will result in doubling of the labor charge-back rate. Exceptions for emergencies may be granted by the Chief Administrative Officer.
  3. Charge-Back Rate: there will be one charge-back rate for work performed during regular hours and another rate for work performed during non-regular (overtime) hours. These rates are set annually.
  4. Materials and Supplies: all materials and supplies required to support activities will be charged back at cost.

Contact Offices

  • Facilities Operations: Ext. 2149

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