Memorandum 24 – Bonfires on Campus

Revised September 2012


This policy attempts to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff, visitors, and University assets during University sponsored functions utilizing bonfires.


Unauthorized bonfires on campus are prohibited. No organization, group of students, or function is authorized to have a bonfire without submitting a formal request, to be reviewed by the VP EM/SA. These offices should then make an appropriate request to the Chief Administrative Officer.


The VP EM/SA will be responsible for processing requests for campus bonfires. The Chief Administrative will be responsible for authorizing them.


  1. All requests for bonfires on campus should be directed to the proper authority as noted above.
  2. Requesting offices may be required to get permission from appropriate Town/City officials, including the Fire Chief.
  3. Scheduled and organized cookouts by Food Services are exempt from this Administrative Memorandum.

Contact Offices

  • VP EM/SA: Ext. 2135
  • Dean of Students: Ext. 2640
  • Facilities Operations: Ext. 2149

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