Memorandum 29

Private Motor Vehicle Operation and Parking Policy

Reviewed and approved February 2011


This policy is established to maintain a safe, secure and orderly environment for all employees of the Norwich University community. This policy includes vehicle registration, parking area use, speed limitations and traffic restrictions.


Faculty, staff and other employees of Norwich University who are authorized to have a motor vehicle on campus are required to obtain a current Norwich University hanging tag. The hanging tag is initially issued at the start of employment with the University. Reissue will occur after the tags are stolen, lost, or replaced with an updated replacement tag. There is no registration fee for employees. The tags will be hung on the rear view mirror. Temporary parking passes are available from the Chief of Security.


The Security Office is responsible for administering the Private Motor Vehicle Operation and Parking Policy. The Chief of Security may assign special parking authorizations to handicapped persons and to others when circumstances warrant.



  1. Vehicular traffic will be restricted to established roads and drives. Driving or parking of vehicles on grassed areas or walkways is prohibited. Lack of space is not a valid excuse for parking in a restricted area.
  2. Personal motor vehicles are not permitted on the Upper Parade except at times approved by the Director of Facilities Operations or the Chief of Security. When Upper Parade access is granted, it will be for the express purpose of loading or unloading, provided the vehicle does not block the roadway. Vehicles will not be operated or parked on roads or areas in the rear of dormitories
  3. The following areas are designated “No Parking”:
    1. Loading zones.
    2. Grassed areas.
    3. Sidewalks.
    4. Within six feet of a fire hydrant or driveway.
    5. All areas within the inner campus gates. This includes the “Upper Parade.”
    6. University Avenue
    7. I.D.White Avenue
    8. Between Plumley Armory and Sabine Field.
    9. Fire roads and areas behind barracks, dormitories and library.
    10. All areas designated/marked by signs.


  1. Vehicles must be registered in accordance with appropriate state law.
  2. Vehicles must be inspected in accordance with the laws of the state of registration.

Motor Vehicle Operation

  1. The maximum speed on campus is 15 MPH.
  2. Pedestrians have the right-of-way.
  3. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and snowmobiles are prohibited anywhere, at any time, on University grassed areas unless specifically authorized by the Chief of Security.

Revocation of Privileges

  1. Parking violations (following third ticket).
  2. Careless or negligent operation of vehicle.
  3. Disregard for the safety of others (speeding, careless, reckless, or negligent driving).

Traffic Violation Notices

  1. A three-part violation notice will be prepared for each violation. The first part goes to the violator, the second part to the employee’s supervisor, and the third part will be retained in the Security Office.
  2. Fines: No fines are assessed to employees. Repeat offenders (three tickets) will receive a copy of the formal letter forwarded to their supervisor. Failure to follow the Norwich University motor vehicle policy is considered a Human Resources disciplinary issue, not a Security matter, and may result in revocation of parking privileges. Vehicles that receive a fourth ticket will be towed from the campus without notifying the owner and at the owner’s expense.
  3. Appeals will be submitted within fourteen days to the Chief of Security. If not resolved at that level, appeals will be forwarded to the Director of Facilities Operations. The Director of Facilities Operations is the final authority on all disputed appeals.
  4. Parking Areas
    Parking area designations
    Lot Faculty / Staff Resident Student Commuter Student
    Jackman Hall X    
    Jackman North X    
    Jackman West X    
    Sabine X    
    Webb X    
    Roberts X    
    Plumley X   X
    Hayden X    
    Communications X    
    Alumni House X    
    Library X    
    University Drive (Old T/C) X    
    Route 12 X    
    Army Supply X    
    Upper Student   X X
    Lower Student   X X
    Kreitzberg Arena X   X
    Upper Tennis Court     X

    Areas designated as Visitor/Public Parking are not to be used as employee parking. Vehicles parked in these areas (Jackman/Alumni Office area) will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. The Jackman Hall parking lot is a reserved parking area, with the exception of three one hour spots designated for faculty/staff.

    The campus is a pedestrian-friendly environment. Faculty and staff are expected to park their automobiles in designated parking areas and walk to desired locations.

Contact Offices

  • Security Office: Ext. 2499/2525
  • Office of Human Resources: Ext. 2075

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