Memorandum 34 – Credit Cards

Reviewed and approved February 2011


This policy provides a means for University employees to cover expenses for official University business while traveling.


Corporate Credit Cards are not to be used to purchase goods, supplies, or services. Any individual ordering goods, supplies, or services prior to receiving a purchase order may be personally liable for all charges.


The Financial Affairs Office is responsible for administering the Corporate Credit Cards accounts.


  1. The card is to be used only for traveling while away from campus.
  2. If the card is used for gas and a Travel Expense Voucher with mileage is submitted, the amount of gas charged on the card must be deducted on the Travel Expense Voucher.
  3. Payments for office/department parties or dinners are strictly prohibited.
  4. Upon receipt of a credit card statement the following steps must be taken:
    1. Attach all receipts after checking to make sure the charges are correct and appropriate.
    2. Assign a budget number to which the expenses are to be charged
    3. Sign where indicated certifying that the expenses are correct and appropriate.
    4. Supervisor must co-sign and in the case of a senior staff member, another senior staff member must approve. SUPERVISORS/SENIOR STAFF MEMBER: carefully review all charges before approving the bill.
    5. Return the bill to the Financial Affairs Officer by the 20th of the month. Financial Affairs will stamp the statement with the date of the day it was received.
  5. Finance Charges: if statements are not received by the 20th of the month the individual will be responsible for any interest charged. All other interest will be paid by the University.
  6. Do not send any payments to the bank. An individual responsible for any part of the bill will be asked to make payment to the Accounts Payable Office. Make checks payable to Norwich University. This is the only way that the University has to trace charges or payments.

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  • Accounts Payable Office: Ext. 2050

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