Memorandum 38 – Gifts to Norwich University

Revised September 2012


This policy governs the reporting of gifts to the University to ensure that gifts are acknowledged and recorded in a timely manner. It also governs the solicitations of gifts is to prevent repetitious, untimely, or conflicting approaches to the fund-raising constituencies of the University.


All gifts and contributions, whether in cash or in kind, received by any individual, member of the faculty, staff, the student body, or received by any office or organization under the auspices of Norwich University, are to be reported to the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations.


The Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations will maintain a record of all gifts to the University. The President, the Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations, and the Treasurer, are the only University officials authorized to convey to the donor of a gift a valid receipt or document to substantiate credit for tax purposes.


Reporting of Gifts

  1. Reports will specify the nature of the gift, its actual or appraised value if known, the date the gift was received, and from whom. A statement that the gift was or was not acknowledged by the recipient will be included.
  2. No University representative shall perform valuations or appraisals of gifts of property for a donor’s tax or other purposes unless authorized by the Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations in accordance with IRS guidelines. The appraisals should be made no more than 90 days prior to the date of the gift.
  3. The President wishes to acknowledge personally all gifts of $500 or more. Personal acknowledgment by the gift recipients are, in addition, strongly encouraged. Gift recipients are urged to send additional acknowledgments.
  4. The establishment of any restricted gift accounts or endowed funds within any University academic or administrative unit must have the prior approval of the Treasurer, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (when academic), Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations.

Solicitation of Gifts

  1. The fund-raising constituencies are individuals (alumni, parents, students, friends, trustees), corporations, organizations, foundations, and grant making agencies of government. The fund-raising programs addressed to those constituencies are directed by the Office Development and Alumni Relations.
  2. Anyone wishing to seek the financial support of any of the University’s fund-raising constituencies for any purpose should contact the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations to explain their ideas or plans for the special solicitation. The Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations will arrange appropriate coordination, if the proposed solicitation has merit and would not conflict with other fund-raising activities directed toward the constituency to be solicited. No solicitation of funds or gifts-in-kind for any purpose may be undertaken by any school or department of Norwich University without the advance knowledge and approval of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations or the President.
  3. Anyone seeking grant writing assistance should contact The Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations. The Director’s office will help with appropriate wording, “boiler plate” information about Norwich, editing, and suggestions on correct format. (See Administrative Memorandum 2)
  4. In the absence of the Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations, anyone wishing to propose a special solicitation should contact the office of the Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations at ext. 2335, for further direction. This means any fund-raising by any University-associated organization.

Contact Office

  • Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations: Ext. 2300

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