Memorandum 4 – Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy

Revised September 2012


In 1987, the Vermont General Assembly determined that smoking is a health hazard to nearby non-smokers (No. 69, Section 1 of Public Acts of 1987). It was determined that environmental tobacco smoke is the cause of many health problems. Besides the acute effect of eye and throat irritation, passive smoking also increases the risk of lung cancer and respiratory illness in non-smokers.

In 1988, the State of Vermont’s “Smoking in the Workplace Law” (18 V.S.A. Sections 1421 – 1428) went into effect. This law protects workers and employers from the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke.


Vermont law requires all employers to have a policy that either bans smoking throughout the entire workplace or restricts it to designated areas. A designated smoking area “cannot be one that non-smokers need to visit during their workday.” In addition, a designated outdoor area “cannot be near doorways, windows and building supply-air intakes through which tobacco smoke may readily enter the building.” Employers are responsible for carrying out the provisions of the smoking policy.

Norwich University follows the same smoking polices enacted by the State of Vermont governing the use of State buildings. Therefore, the University expressly prohibits smoking inside all University owned, leased, or rented buildings. In addition, the University prohibits smoking within 50 feet of (1) any entrance or exit or (2) any operable window or (3) any building ventilation-system intake of buildings owned, leased, or rented by Norwich.

In addition, this smoking and tobacco use policy will encompass both smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco products, including chew, dip, and snuff, and electronic cigarettes or other inhaled nicotine devices.


Smoking and use of tobacco products in student dormitories is covered in Student Regulations (PDF). The VP EM/SA is responsible for this policy in the dorms. The Director of Human Resources will manage and oversee the smoking and tobacco use policy in all other areas.


  1. An employee aggrieved by a fellow employee’s failure to comply with the smoking policy should report the grievance to his/her supervisor. The supervisor should resolve the issue if possible or report it to the Director of Human Resources.
  2. Students aggrieved by an individual’s failure to comply with the smoking policy should report the grievance to the VP EM/SA.

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