Memorandum 42 – Computer Purchases

Revised September 2012


This policy governs support and servicing of computer hardware and software.


The standardization of personal computer (PC) hardware and software allows for the proper support and servicing of both.

Information Technology Services (ITS), in conjunction with the University computing advisory committees, will establish standard PC hardware and software configurations for use by University faculty and staff. These standards are reviewed and updated as needed with new configurations and pricing as appropriate. These standards allow ITS to stock spare parts that are compatible, train repair personnel, and aid trouble-shooting and support.

Assistance in selecting appropriate hardware and software and latest pricing can be obtained by calling the Help Desk at extension 2456.

This policy applies to hardware and software purchased with University funds.


The VPITS will manage and oversee this policy.


All hardware must conform to established standards. Any requested hardware not meeting established standards must be approved by the CIO. Any hardware purchased outside of these standards will be serviced and repaired at the expense of the user department.

ITS publishes a list of software that is supported. No support will be available for software not on this list.

  1. All computer hardware/software related purchase must go through the ITS purchasing agent.
  2. All hardware and software is to be charged to the individual department’s organization number with an account number of 77671- Academic and Administrative Computer Equipment.
  3. The Director of Information Technology Services will review all computer purchase requests.
  4. All computer purchases are to be shipped to ITS. Enter “ITS” in the Ship To field on the requisition form in Banner.
  5. When purchases are received, ITS will inventory items, install software if necessary, test, and arrange for delivery and installation.

Contact Offices

  • VPITS: Ext. 2135

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