Memorandum 45 – Pets in the Workplace

Reviewed and approved February 2011


This policy endeavors to enhance the safety and comfort of faculty, staff, students, and visitors while, at the same time, reducing the possibility of disruptions/distractions in living, learning, and working environments. It is designed, as well, to reduce the University’s liability. This policy does not apply to trained assistance dogs that are actively engaged in the service for which they are trained.


Even the calmest and most well-behaved of pets can be a distraction or disruptive to the work and lifestyles of faculty, staff, students, and visitors. In addition, members of the University community may have allergies to or simply be afraid of animals. Furthermore, a poorly behaved animal may pose a safety concern. All of these factors put the University at a risk of potential liability. Therefore, pets are not allowed in any University building nor on any part of the campus (to include grassed areas near all buildings, all “greens,” “quads,” “parade grounds,” athletic fields, roads, walkways, or any other area routinely mowed or landscaped).


All University personnel are responsible for assuring fulfillment of this policy.


University personnel will refrain from bringing pets onto University property. Violations of this policy are to be reported to the appropriate supervisor or Human Resources. Continued violations will result in disciplinary action against the offending employee.

Contact Offices

  • Office of Human Resources: Ext. 2075

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