Memorandum 5 – Work Schedules – Inclement Weather

Reviewed and approved September 2012


This policy governs employee work schedules during periods of inclement weather.


Because of the requirement to provide services to students and because of the frequency of poor weather in Vermont, all University employees should be prepared to maintain all normal services for all scheduled hours of operation.


Only the President, or in his absence, the Chief Administrative Officer, may grant exceptions to this policy and unilaterally implement a change in scheduled work hours due to inclement weather. In such situations, announcements will be broadcast on local radio stations and/or via telephone, Web posting, and/or e-mail, and/or through work supervisors.


Any University employee who feels it is essential to arrive at work later or leave work earlier than scheduled may do so only if the following criteria are met:

  • his/her supervisor gives full approval.
  • supervisor can assure that all services will continue to be maintained and any missed class rescheduled.
  • the employee must take this missed time as vacation time, and supervisors must keep proper records noting such.

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  • Chief Administrative Officer: Ext. 2148

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