Memorandum 52 – Meritorious Award

Reviewed and approved August 2014


To create a recognition award for University staff that can be given anytime during the year. Any staff member may nominate another staff member for the award through the process. The spirit of the award is to recognize staff that “has distinguished him or herself by outstanding meritorious award or achievement or service,” in essence going above and beyond and exemplifying excellence. The award shall be titled the “Meritorious Award.” The Meritorious Award is designed to recognize excellence and will be considered a high honor for a staff to receive.


Nomination forms for the Meritorious Award can be found on the Human Resources (HR) SharePoint site: my.norwich/hr. It can be downloaded and printed by any staff member who wishes to nominate another staff member. The form should be submitted to Human Resources. HR will contact the immediate supervisor and Cabinet member for approval. Upon approval, HR will arrange for a photo op, certificate, and meeting with the President. Staff members can nominate any other staff in any part of the University. Faculty members are not eligible for this award.


Staff members, supervisors and Cabinet members who are involved in the nomination of a potential awardee will handle the process in a timely manner to keep it meaningful. The ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the award falls at the Cabinet level.


  1. Staff member prints and fills out Meritorious Award nomination form, including a detailed description on the reason(s) for the nomination. Confidential help is available from Staff Council members in filling out the form.
  2. The nominator submits the form to Human Resources.
  3. HR contacts the immediate supervisor and Cabinet member for approval.
    1. If the recommendation is not approved, HR will inform the person who nominated their fellow staff member with a reason, given any constraints of confidentiality.
    2. If the recommendation is approved, the Cabinet member will inform the staff member who will receive the Meritorious Award. HR will notify the staff member who nominated them and the nominee’s supervisor, and the President’s Office.
  4. HR will arrange with Creative Services to print a Meritorious Award certificate and arrange a presentation of the award with at least the group mentioned above, if not others, in person.
  5. A copy of the certificate will be send to Human Resources for the staff members personnel file.

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