Memorandum 6 – Children in the Workplace

Reviewed and approved February 2011


This policy establishes practices intended to reduce the potential liability of the University and to help eliminate distractions and disruptions for colleagues, students, and visitors on campus.


While there are extenuating circumstances when it may seem necessary for an employee to have a child in the workplace, children in the workplace can be distracting and disruptive for colleagues, students, and visitors, as well as for the employee whose child or children they are. Children in the workplace also create additional liability for the University. Therefore, employees’ children are not permitted in the workplace.

Securing good, convenient, and affordable day care can be difficult, but Norwich’s Family and Medical Leave Policy eases some of the burden of caring for a new baby or a sick child.


All employees, their supervisors, and visitors to Norwich University are expected to comply with this policy.


All Norwich employees and visitors will make arrangements for the care of their children that will assure their not being in University workspaces during working hours.

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