Memorandum 7 – Uniforms

Revised September 2012


This policy governs the wearing of uniforms to ensure that students, faculty, and staff who are required to wear uniforms are properly attired.


Students, faculty, and staff who are required to wear uniforms must follow the guidelines as stated in the Norwich University Corps of Cadets Standard Operating Procedures (NUCC SOP) and the Norwich University Uniform Manual for Faculty & Staff.


The Commandant’s Office is responsible for providing a NUCC SOP (PDF) as well as Norwich’s Uniform Manual to those required to wear uniforms. The President, Commandant, and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs are responsible for assuring that persons required to wear a uniform governed by these manuals will comply with all requirements contained in these manuals.


The NUCC SOP and the Uniform Manual for Faculty & Staff are available in the Commandant’s Office in Jackman Hall and are posted on the University’s website.

Contact Offices

  • SVPAA’s Office: Ext. 2025
  • Commandant’s Office: Ext. 2135

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