Procedures for enacting additions, changes and deletions

The Norwich University Administrative Manual is a critical document that clearly notes approved policies and procedures that govern much of the operation of the University. This Manual must, however, be subject to revisions so that the University can respond to an ever-changing operating environment. The following ists the procedures to be followed for enacting additions, changes and deletions to the Administrative Manual.

  1. In order to ensure that any individual making a proposal fully understands the implications of the proposal, any proposed addition, change or deletion must be fully discussed with the department(s) responsible for oversight of the process governed by the policy/procedures.
  2. A written justification for the addition, change or deletion must be created. This must then be approved by the head of the department/division making the proposal.
  3. For any addition or change, a draft Administrative Memorandum is to be created. This Memorandum should be written in the same format and style as all others in the Administrative Manual.
  4. The justification and draft Memorandum are to be sent to the Chief Administrative Officer. In order to prepare a comprehensive review of the proposal the CAO will seek input from every department whose operations may be impacted by the proposal. The CAO will also seek legal counsel as needed.
  5. The CAO will present the proposal to the President’s Advisory Council for discussion. The individual(s) making the proposal will be asked to attend.
  6. The Cabinet will then discuss the proposal and make a recommendation to the president. The president will then render a decision.
  7. The CAO will inform all parties of the decision made and, if appropriate, distribute the revisions to the Administrative Manual.

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