Weapons Policy for Norwich University Employees, Students and Visitors (interim)

Interim policy approved November 2015.

Employees, Students, Contractors and Visitors are prohibited from possessing or using weapons (fighting tools) on University property, facilities or grounds. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Firearms and ammunition (real or facsimile) or components thereof. 2. Edged weapons with blades. 3.Bows, crossbows, slingshots, and similar devices that deliver a projectile. 4. Hatchets, axes, and similar sharpened tools that possess a honed edge. 5. The only exceptions to this policy are: 1. Weapons temporarily issued under the authority of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Commandant, or Commanding Officers of the ROTC units for the purpose of conducting scheduled training. 2. Firearms or equipment in authorized areas for sanctioned events as defined by the Director of Student Activities. Such equipment is never authorized in student housing areas. The term “weapon” also includes items that may be legal but which could be used in an illegal manner or which someone could perceive as placing them in danger of immediate harm (e.g. box cutter, pipe, etc…) Certified Law Enforcement Officers may wear a firearm while on campus in accordance with appropriate federal, state, local law and their department policy, rules and regulations.

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