Equal Opportunity and Title IX

Norwich University is committed to creating and maintaining a community in which all persons who participate in University programs and activities can work and/or learn together in an atmosphere free of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking, and discrimination. The University does not tolerate such forms of misconduct and/or crime. Such forms of misconduct and/or crime are also prohibited by State and/or Federal law. It is the intention of the University to take prompt and equitable action to prevent the reoccurrence of behaviors that violate this policy. For more information on our policies, please continue below:

Non-Discrimination Policy including Sexual Harassment

Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence and Stalking Policy

If you have been a victim of these types of behaviors we strongly encourage you to reach out to the following Confidential Resources for guidance and options:

Sexual Assault Crisis Team of Washington County – www.sactvt.org
24-hour hotline: (802) 479-5577

Norwich University Counseling and Wellness Center
NU Office Number: (802) 485-2134
After-hours Emergency: (802) 793-3093

University Chaplain – Reverend William Wick
White Chapel
(802) 485-2128

Anonymous Reporting Form (PDF)

Confidential Resources

A confidential resource is an individual who is legally and ethically bound to keep confidential all information shared with them in the course of providing counsel and support, except under the circumstances noted below. In general, the law recognizes and protects the confidentiality of communications between a person seeking care and a medical or mental health professional, religious advisor or trained sexual assault advocate. The medical, mental health, and religious professionals (i.e., individuals acting in their religious professional capacity through the Chaplain’s Office) at Norwich, respect and protect confidential communications from students, faculty, and staff to the extent they are legally able to do so. These professionals may have to breach a confidence, however, when they perceive a serious risk of danger or threat to any person or property. In addition, medical and mental health professionals may be required by law to report certain crimes (e.g., allegations of sexual and/or physical abuse of a person under 18).

An individual who speaks to a confidential resource must understand that, if they want to maintain confidentiality, the University will be unable to conduct an investigation into the particular incident or pursue disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator. However, confidential resources may assist the individual in receiving other forms of protection and support, such as victim advocacy; academic accommodations; disability, health or mental health services; and changes to living, working, or transportation arrangements, as described below. An individual who initially requests confidentiality may later decide to file a complaint with the University or report the incident to local law enforcement, and thus have the incident fully investigated. These confidential resources will help to direct the individual to the appropriate resources in the event that the individual wishes to file an internal complaint with Norwich or report to the police.

Non-Confidential Resources

Non-confidential resources are all faculty or staff members, including residential life staff who are not confidential medical or counseling professionals, religious professionals acting in that capacity through the Chaplain’s Office, or trained sexual assault advocates, and who are therefore not permitted to honor requests for confidentiality. Non-confidential faculty or staff who learn of an incident of sexual misconduct, domestic and/or dating violence, stalking or related retaliation involving a student or employee are required to report that information to the Title IX Coordinator, and they are “responsible employees” to this extent.

Employees who are Campus Security Authorities are required to report certain sex offenses and other crimes to Campus Security for the purpose of compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. For more information about Campus Security Authorities, see Norwich University’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

General inquiries to Norwich University officials about policies or procedures, and conversations in which the alleged perpetrator is not identified by name or by implication from the circumstances, may remain private. Otherwise, individuals who want to maintain confidentiality should seek a confidential resource.

Norwich University Non-Confidential Resources can assist in offering accommodations and filing formal complaints through the University process as well as criminal process:

Stephanie Drew, Employee Relations/Equal Opportunity Officer and Title IX Coordinator
Jackman Hall – Room 321-A




Nikki Therrien, Associate Athletic Trainer and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Andrews Hall – Athletic Training Room




Greg McGrath, Director of Student Activities and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Wise Campus Center – Room 228




Rachel Putney, Company Tactical NCO and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Wilson Hall – Room 316



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